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We at the Bonner Pfeifenhaus know that passionate pipe smokers are individualists. That's why many of our pipes are handmade one-offs or limited editions by renowned pipe makers.

Pfeifenhaus Bonn





Unique design. The bowl of the pipe can be twisted by a built-in magnet.

Shag Pipe by Rattray's

The Blower's Daughter

Pfeifen Rattra's

Rattray's stands for a long tradition of Scottish smoking culture of the best quality.

Vauen - Nana

The new series in white dot quality is available in two different versions : one in black sandblasted dress, the other in a smooth waxed reddish brown. For the Nana, a design ring was created that was inspired by the PIXEL rings from the jewellery industry. By darkening the depths, the interesting relief of the ring, which is assembled by hand, comes into its own even more.

Vauen - Nana

Vauen - Nana

Vauen - Nana

Chacom - Atlas matted

Chacom - Atlas matted

Chacom - Atlas matted

Chacom - Atlas matted

Chacom - Skipper

Chacom - Skipper

Chacom - Skipper


This beautiful pipe series in rich brown and with an army mouthpiece was created by Peterson exclusively for Kopp Pipes and the German market. It is named after the Book of Kells, a medieval illustrated manuscript that contains images of Jesus Christ, Mary and the evangelists alongside the four Gospels. This manuscript from the 8th or 9th century was probably made in Scotland, but was brought to Ireland to Kells Abbey for protection from Viking attacks. Since the 17th century, the Book of Kells, now declared a World Documentary Heritage, has been kept in Trinity College in Dublin.

Peterson - Kells

Peterson - Kells

Peterson - Kells

Rattray's - Ahoy

The Rattray's Ahoy is a small, handy Straight Poker with lasered bottom motif and 9mm filter insert for the little smoke in between.

Rattray’s - Ahoy

Rattray’s - Ahoy

Rattray's - Fachen

The Kopp Pipes company wanted to create a series with a completely new design. It should look eerie and evil. A crossover of gothic, industrial, metal and a pinch of punk. The result is something to be proud of. The pipe series is dark and terrifying like the Fachen, the one-legged monster of Scottish legend, whose face freezes the hearts of its beholders.

Chacom - Atlas matted

Chacom - Atlas matted

Chacom - Atlas matted

Rattray's Sanctuary

The high-quality pipe series from the traditional Scottish house has what it takes to become a classic. Metal applications on the stem and mouthpiece provide a typical "army look".

Rattray’s Sanctuary

Rattray’s Sanctuary

Rattray’s Sanctuary



Jewel of Denmark, Category D
Without filter
Weight: 33 g
Length: 12 cm
Height: 4.2 cm
Width: 4.8 cm
Drill Hole: 1.9 cm x 3.4 cm
Mouthpiece: Acrylic

Kai Nielsen, Jewel of Denmark

Kai Nielsen, Jewel of Denmark

Kai Nielsen, Jewel of Denmark

Kai Nielsen, Jewel of Denmark

Kai Nielsen, Jewel of Denmark



Besides his Freehands, Poul Winslow also wanted to offer his customers cheaper pipes. So a few years ago he founded a new model line - the Crown brand. For these pipes, a slightly cheaper piece of briar and a prefabricated mouthpiece are used.




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Bang tobacco pipes

Top quality handmade.

After several unsuccessful attempts to sell pipes under his name, the Dane Svend Bang handed over the business to the pipe makers Per Hansen and Ulf Noltensmeier. The two of them took the company name "Bang" to world fame. Their pipes are coveted collector's items. Only the finest wood from Corsica is used for the pipes and rubber for the mouthpieces. The trademark of the label are the strong pipe bowls and idiosyncratic asymmetrical shapes.

Pfeifen Bang

Dunhill Tobacco Pipes

The best of its kind.

Alfred Dunhill founded the Dunhill brand in 1907. His credo: "It must be serviceable, it must work reliably, it must be beautiful and durable, and it must be the best of its kind". Dunhill pipes feature classic English shapes with vulcanised rubber and Cumberland mouthpieces. The numerous finishes include the Shell Briar (1917; the first sandblasted pipe), the Root Briar (1930), the Tanshell (1953), the Redbark (1973) and the Cumberland (1980)..

Pfeifen Dunhill

Ser Jacopo tobacco pipes

High quality pipes from Italy.

Giancarlo Guidi and Bruto Sordini separated from Mastro de Paja in 1981 and founded their own company - Ser Jacopo - in 1982. The pipe manufactory was named after the Italian nobleman Ser Jacopo dalla Gemma. The pipes from Ser Jacopo are unique. Classic shapes with the use of precious metals, horn and exotic woods. Ser Jacopo is also known for the production of themed pipes. For example, the Picta series. Modelled on pipes that can be seen in paintings by famous artists such as Vincent Van Gough. The entry class into the Ser Jacopo pipe world is the brand Mastro Geppetto. The pipes come from Ser Jacopo's workshop - but are cheaper in price.

Pfeifen von Ser Jacopo

Tsuge tobacco pipes

Premium pipes from Japan.

Since the 1970s, Tsuge has been one of the top manufacturers in the world of pipes. Pipes from Tsuge are unique freehand pieces, some with unconventional shapes. The handmade pipes in the "Ikebana" series are particularly sought-after by collectors. In addition to the freehand pieces, Tsuge also produces series pipes. For example, Tsuge Bamboo with a stem made of bamboo.

Pfeifen von Tsuge

Danish pipe makers

Pipes by Poul Winslow

Leaving well-trodden paths.

The Dane Poul Winsløw is one of the world's best-known pipe makers. Poul Winsløw learned the craft of pipe making in the workshop of Preben Holm. Preben Holm was one of the most influential figures in the Danish pipe scene. In the mid-1980s, Winsløw opened his own workshop in Hvidovre, a suburb of the Danish capital Copenhagen. Many of his pipes are partially sandblasted and have a rustic, unique design. They are considered a status symbol for many pipe smokers.

Pfeifen von Winslow kaufen

Pipes by Erik Nielsen

Classic Freehands from Denmark.

Erik Nielsen's father and brother were pipe collectors and he also owned a collection of about 300 pipes before he became a pipe maker. From 1980 to 2000, he worked for the Danish Railways until he was incapacitated by an accident at work. Erik Nielsen met Kurt Balleby, who trained him. In 2003, he accompanied Balleby to the Chicago Pipe Show and presented his own pipes there. From then on, Erik Nielsen became a recognised and respected pipe maker. He developed his own style, true to Danish classicism. Erik Nielsen's pipes are freehands of the highest class.

Pfeifen von Erik Nielsen

Pipes by Kai Nielsen

Classic ball and bulldog shapes.

Kai Nielsen (alias "Kaj Nielsen") learned the art of pipe making from his father Viggo Nielsen. Together with his brother Jorgen, he worked for the Bari label founded by their father until 1975. In 1975, he founded his own company, as becoming a freehand artist appealed to him more than taking over his father's manufactory. Among others, Kurt Balleby became his apprentice. Kai Nielsen prefers above all classic ball and bulldog shapes with the typical wide saddle at the top of the mouthpiece. The trademark of Kai Nielsen's pipes is the small silver spike (visible as a silver dot on the outside). A curiosity: "Kaj Nielsen" is stamped throughout his pipes. This is due to an error in the manufacture of the embossing die, which did not bother Kai Nielsen any further. He decided not to correct the error and his pipes still bear the first name Kaj.

Pfeifen von Kai Nielsen

Pipes by Jorgen Nielsen

Premium pipes from Denmark.

Jorgen Nielsen is the son of the legendary pipe maker Viggo Nielsen and the brother of the pipe maker Kai Nielsen. Based on the collaboration with his father Viggo and his brother Kai, he developed his own style. Jorgen Nielsen now works as an independent pipe maker. His workshop is located on the harbour promenade of "Faaborg" on the island of Funen.

Pfeifen von Jorgen Nielsen


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